Velm normal 4
"Fighting monsters is good exercise."
Gender male
Chapter Lost Desert
Location Waset Village
Weapon Staff
Armour Holy Chain Armour
Skills Healing
Group Healing
Group Shielding
Celestial Hammer
Innate Melee Defense
Innate Casting Haste
Health gained per level 4.5

Velm is a character from NeoQuest II. He is a mage that Rohane, Mipsy, and Talinia meet in the Lost Desert, in Waset Village. Like Mipsy, he relies on casting spells, and his abilities lie almost entirely in the defensive range. He can cast Healing and Group Healing to aid his teammates, and can cast Group Shielding to further aid their defense. He can also cast Mesmerization to stop enemies entirely. His only damaging skill, Celestial Hammer, hurts enemies a set amount of damage and also stuns them as well.

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