The Snowager raises its great head from where it rests on the floor, and looks at you. "Unless I miss my guess," it says, "You are adventurers, come to... could it be? To free me from my prison, which has long been my home?"

You say, "Yes, we are here to free you."

The Snowager nods. "Indeed, then, you will wish to know what has happened. It was not four weeks ago that I awoke here in my cave, as I always have, to find that an avalanche had me blocked in. Some wicked magic holds it in place, for normally such a rockfall would be no barrier to me, but I cannot move this one aside as I have so many others."

—Conversation with the Snowager, Terror Mountain

The Snowager is a character from NeoQuest II. Imprisoned by Scuzzy in Terror Mountain, Rohane and the gang must save him in order to advance to the next simulation aboard the ship. Strong magic holds the Snowager inside the mountain, but upon Scuzzy's defeat, the Snowager is released. He provides more backstory to the plot, introducing himself as a sentinal program aboard the ship's computer.

Until Velm is picked up in Waset Village, the Snowager takes his place on the display screen in cutscenes.