Ramtor, the new King of Meridell
Chapter Meridell
Location Meridell Castle
Ramtor's Tower
Gender male
Health 200 (Normal)
250 (Evil)
300 (InSaNe!)
Skills Liquefy
Rewards 500 neopoints
Weapon/armour drops

deadly shortsword

Sword (damage 23)

gallant ringmail

Metal Armour (defense 22)

corrugated wand

Wand (damage 7)

colorful trainee's robe

Wizard Robe (defense 7)
Previous boss Giant sand grundo
Next boss Leximp
Guard Cault bows deeply as you approach. "I thank you, as I'm sure will all others here, for disposing of that awful advisor. We're freed from his control, at last!"

You say, "I don't think he's quite disposed of yet. He disappeared."

Guard Cault says, "Is that so? Well, I suspect he's run off to some hidden fortress or other lair of evil. Despotic villains always do!"

—conversation with Guard Cault, Meridell Castle

Ramtor is a boss from NeoQuest II. He is fought in Meridell, the first chapter, a total of two times. The first battle against him is waged inside of Meridell Castle, and when he is whittled down to 100 health, is where he will flee from. Rohane and Mipsy will then fight him again as the last chapter boss on the top floor of Ramtor's Tower, where he must be fully defeated to proceed to the second chapter, Terror Mountain.

Biography Edit

Ramtor maliciously brings monsters to Meridell to keep the inhabitants busy with defending themselves while he takes over Meridell with nobody to stop him. He is the second wizard that Rohane and Mipsy fight, the first being Zombom. After he is defeated at Meridell Castle, it is revealed he had placed a spell upon all of the inhabitants of the castle, who "seem to be blinking with astonishment, as if they've woken from a long dream."

Skills Edit

Being a wizard, Ramtor possesses several magical skills akin to Mipsy and Velm, such as Liquefy, Zeal, Repair, and Entice.

Battle Edit

Of the two battles against Ramtor, the second is the more difficult, owing to Ramtor's abilities being used in full swing, and that his hit points must be completely stripped before he is defeated.

Speeches Edit

First battle Edit

Ramtor says, "So, I have a challenger for the throne, eh? Others have fallen before me. Let's see how you fare!"
Player flee
As you flee, Ramtor shouts after you, "I am the new King of Meridell, and you will bow before me sooner or later!"
Player victory
Ramtor grunts as he is struck, his eyes burning with hatred. "So, it seems you are more formidable opponents than I thought! Well, I think I shall take my leave now, for I must have time to prepare for our next encounter. Farewell, foolish enemy, but not for the last time: when we next meet, I shall destroy you!" Ramtor takes a step back, waves his hand, and there is a blinding flash of light accompanied by a thunderous sound. When your vision clears, Ramtor is gone. All around you, the other people in the castle seem to be blinking with astonishment, as if they've woken from a long dream.

Second battle Edit

Ramtor says, "You won't be so lucky this time!"
Player flee
As you flee, Ramtor shouts after you, "You see? None can stand before my might!"