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Neopia City, the place where it all begins.

Neopia City is the starting place in NeoQuest. This is where you begin. There are several NPC's in this city, and only some are useful. The farther away you get from Neopia City, the more dangerous and vicious the monsters become.


NPC UsesEdit

  • Eleus Batrin, the Weapon Smith, can make you a decent staff when you get him certain items. If you are more interested in the story line, he can give you a bit of plot info.
  • Lummock Sendent is pretty useless, because when you start the game, you choose a type of wand. He only makes those types of wands, and they're all the same, so he's pretty useless.
  • Boraxsis the Healer simply heals you when your health is too low for comfort.
  • Morax Dorangis makes two types of Basic Armour for you if you get him the required items. He can only make two things: Energy Shields and Cloth Robes. Both are basic and don't have much difference from each other, so the choice is up to you.
  • Choras Tillie makes two types of armour as well, but they are more powerful. However, the items he needs you to get so he can make them are more difficult to obtain, as more powerful monsters drop them. I suggest before heading out to get the materials, you have Morax Dorangis make you something instead.