Chapter Meridell
Region Western Plains
Town Trestin
Gender female
Inn price Free
Mother says, "Now you be careful out there! There's all kinds of dangerous creatures and animals in the wilderness these days. Thankfully they won't come into town, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. Good luck, and take care of your father's old sword. I know he would have wanted you to have it, and it should help keep you safe."

—Conversation with Mother, Trestin

Mother is a character from Meridell. She lives in the village of Trestin and is the mother of Rohane and assumed widow of Rohane's father. She supplies Rohane with free rest, along with Rohane's Father's sword.

Conversation Edit



Mother says, "Well hello, dear! Have you been having fun out in the world?"

You say, "I need rest. May I spend the night at home?"

Mother says, "Why, of course, dear! How could I possibly turn you away from the house you grew up in?"