Miner foreman
Miner foreman
The miner foreman
Chapter Meridell
Location abandoned gold mine
Gender male
Health 50 (Normal)
62 (Evil)
75 (InSaNe!)
Rewards 100 neopoints
Weapon/armour drops

rusty chain tunic

Metal Armour (defense 5)
Next boss Zombom
The miner foreman says, "These halls were not meant for the living... so we'll have to make sure you aren't living any more!"

The miner foreman is a boss from NeoQuest II. He is the first boss of Meridell, the first chapter. He is optional, but most players choose to fight him for the rusty chain tunic he always rewards.

Biography Edit

Pongoras says, "The monsters that have been roaming the countryside won't come too close to towns, but there's a cave to the north of here that has all sorts of fiends inside. I wouldn't go there, if I were you. At any rate, if you're going to be out adventuring, I'd recommend staying right near town until you've gained some experience."

You say, "What can you tell me about the cave?"

Pongoras says, "The cave? I think it used to be a mine of some kind, but it's been abandoned since before I was born. I don't think anyone has been in there in years, but with all the monsters infesting it now, I can't imagine that anyone would want to go there!"

—Conversation with Pongoras, Trestin

Very little is revealed of the miner foreman, only that he recently deceased and now haunts the gold mine where it can be presumed he perished.

Skills Edit

Being the first boss of the game, the miner foreman has no special skills whatsoever, and simply uses the Attack command.

Battle Edit

The miner foreman is considered very easy, owing to his lack of skills and his low health. Even the Flare Potion sold in Trestin are not necessary to defeat him.

Speeches Edit

Opening Edit

The miner foreman says, "These halls were not meant for the living... so we'll have to make sure you aren't living any more!"

Player defeat Edit

"You should never have come down here, foolish mortal! This place was abandoned for good reason!"

Player flee Edit

The miner foreman shouts after you, "You can't escape forever, coward! There's no place to run!"

Player victory Edit

The miner foreman screams, "Noooooo..." as he fades into nothingness. Suddenly, the oppressive darkness of the mine relents, and everything becomes a bit brighter. The ghosts and skeletons infesting the mine have all vanished, released from their torment by the death of the foreman! Behind where the foreman stood, you see a magic teleportation orb. It looks like it will send you back to the entrance of the mines.