Lifira sighs, and says, "Because the people who took control of this ship... after they locked you in the simulation rooms, they set the ship to fly directly into a star. I don't know how long we have left, but as you see, time is of the essence." She rises, and ends the silence ward with a sharp gesture. The roar of the sandstorm fills your ears again. "Go now. And good luck. Remember all that I have said."

—Conversation with Lifira, Waset Village


Lifira is a character from NeoQuest II. Like the then-met Snowager and the later Edna, Lifira is an in-game personification of a computer program aboard Rohane and the team's ship. After being "rescued" from the Revenant in the Lost Desert, she explains a large portion of the plot to the team in Waset Village. She states her name is not actually Lifira, but LFRA, an acronym for "Library Fast Retrieval Archive". She explains the spells she casts as "information transfer requests that move across the ship's computer" and that the Revenant is simply "a manifestation of one of the many virus programs that have taken over the computer".

She cites the neverending sandstorm ravaging the Lost Desert as the data clogged up aboard the ship's computer. She explains the Medallion of Wind as "a sub-program that will reset the I/O ports and clear the data lines."