Location Eastern Pass
Gender male
Skills Ruthless Blow
Quick Feet
Previous boss Leximp
Next boss Scuzzy

Kolvars is the second (or the first, depending on if you fight Leximp or not) boss in Act 2 of NeoQuest II. He is found on the path to happy valley, and looks rather mechanic. When talking to some of the Neopets in the Mountainside Inn, they mention a Giant Ice Spyder they saw scuttling around. This is most likely Kolvars.

Defeating & Battle Strategies Edit

Kolvars is like the Sand Grundo - basically like any other monster, and easier then most people describe him as. When fighting him, it would be wise to have a few regeneration potions on hand, mainly for Mipsy and Talinia. On Normal Mode, you should be level 21 or higher. I fought him at level 21 and he was very easy, so don't be discouraged if guides say you should be level 24 or higher. On Evil, I would suggest being about level 23, and on InSaNe, level 25 or 26.