For the boss, see Coltzan's ghost.
King Coltzan says, "I must thank you again for releasing my spirit from the grip in which it was held. As you may know, I died by poisoning some months ago... but I found myself again with life--after a fashion--a few weeks ere now. I found myself here, and I have not been able to leave this room. I also found myself forced to kill anyone and anything who entered this place, even though I did not will it--my body moved of its own accord, striking down all who came here. But you have freed me... somehow."

—Conversation with King Coltzan, Ruined City of Akhten-Ka

King Coltzan
King Coltzan is a character from NeoQuest II. After defeating the resurrected Coltzan's ghost in the ruined city of Akhten-Ka. He gives Rohane and the party the third piece of the Medallion of Wind, and then vanishes back to eternal rest.