Four Faeries
Dark FaerieFire Faerie
Water FaerieEarth Faerie
The Four Faeries
Location Balthazar's Grove (Haunted Woods)
Rewards 3000 gold pieces
1000 neopoints
Previous boss Spider Grundo
Next boss Hubrid Nox
The Faeries gaze at you as you approach. You shout, "Zhadramekel!" and the Faeries start screaming in terror, as if burned. Suddenly, they each grow to twenty times their normal size. They're now as big as you are... and they're attacking!

The Four Faeries are a boss from NeoQuest II. Collectively, they are the third boss of the Haunted Woods, the fourth chapter of the game. Each Faerie possesses different skills, making the fight against them akin to Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm fighting themselves. They turned Balthazar's grove into a lush green forest, contrary to the rest of the woods.

Biography Edit

You say, "How do we free Balthazar from his curse?"

The Brain Tree booms, "Simple. You must defeat the Faeries that guard him, for they control the curse. To do so, you may use a Word of Power that will enrage them and force them to fight you. The word is, 'Zhadramekel,' which translates to, 'Cursed Faeries' in an ancient language. Go now, and defeat the faeries!" One of the Brain Tree's branches twists to point behind him.

—conversation with the Brain Tree, Happy Non-Haunted Fun House backyard

Because Balthazar is a well-known Faerie collector, it can be presumed that the Four Faeries fought back, taking advantage of Edna's spell over him to brainwash him into a Faerie-lover and transform his grove.

Skills Edit

Each Faerie possesses a different set of skills. The Dark Faerie uses skills shared with Mipsy and Velm, such as Rampant Acceleration, Petrification, and Spellbind. The Fire Faerie uses Mipsy's damaging spells, Obliterate and Anarchic Wind, while the Water Faerie uses Velm's Renew and Vivification. The Earth Faerie, lacking magical abilities, uses physical skills taken from Rohane, including Critical Attacks and Stunning Strikes.

Battle Edit

The Four Faeries are considered the be one of the most difficult battles of the game, along with the second incarnation of King Terask and Zombom. Players have cited the Faeries as being as worse as King Terask's second form times four, in respect of their separation of skills.

Popular fighting strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Mesmerizing certain Faeries (particularly Water)
  • Taking them out left to right (Dark, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Defeating them by singling out the lowest health Faerie each time
  • Using slowing potions (often in addition with Mesmerization) to limit their turns severely
Dark Faerie Fire Faerie Water Faerie Earth Faerie
Dark Faerie Fire Faerie Water Faerie Earth Faerie
Health Normal Evil InSaNe! Health Normal Evil InSaNe! Health Normal Evil InSaNe! Health Normal Evil InSaNe!
750 937 1125 600 750 900 900 1125 1350 1250 1562 1875
  • Rampant Acceleration
  • Petrification
  • Spellbind
  • Obliterate
  • Anarchic Wind
  • Renew
  • Vivification
  • Devastating Impact
  • Bewilder