I was trying to put an end to the virus program that's taken over the ship's computer. But I got it backward and now the virus is faster and more powerful than before! You kids are in for some trouble, I can tell you that much. You better get up there, before it's too late.

—Conversation with Edna, Haunted Woods cutscene

Edna the Witch is a character from NeoQuest II. Like the Snowager before her, she is seen in the end-of-chapter cutscene and reveals critical points about the plot. After the trouble in the Haunted Woods with the sun being permanently up and Edna named as the perpetrator, she discards the charade and tells the party that she is a program aboard their ship. She tells that she attempted to stop the virus aboard the ship (parallel to trying to keep the sun down forever), but as a result of a backfired "spell", caused it to run even faster (consistent with the sun being stuck in the sky).