Location Cumulonimbus
Gender male
Skills Dire Strike
Alarming Hearsay
Covering Fire
Rewards 2 weapons/armor
2500 gold pieces
1100 neopoints
Previous boss Fallen Angel
Next boss Faerie Thief
Devilpuss zooms around the ruins of Cumulonimbus, cackling wildly. "Being an Angelpuss was fun, I admit," he says, "but being a Devilpuss is so much more fun! Nobody expects you to be sweet all the time, nobody insists that you keep your fur all white and clean..." He turns and gives you a fiendish look. "And nobody minds if you kill a few neopets now and then..." He zooms toward you and attacks!

Devilpuss is a boss from NeoQuest II. He is the second boss of Faerieland, the fifth chapter of the game. He claims to be an Angelpuss that turned evil, resulting in his existence as a Devilpuss. He resides in the city of Cumulonimbus in the Underclouds.

Biography Edit

You say, "What kind of monsters are there in this city?"

Ceth says, "A bunch of different ones. Lots of faeries. A noil or two. I thought I saw someone herding some babaas through, but that can't be right. Oh yeah! A big Angelpuss, although it looks weird. It was red! Are Angelpusses supposed to be red?

—Conversation with Ceth, Cumulonimbus

Not much is known of Devilpuss, only that he resides in the city of Cumulonimbus and likes to terrorize neopets.

Skills Edit

Devilpuss is a physical attacker, with skills from Rohane and Talinia's abilities. He uses Critical Attacks, Stunning Strikes, Shockwave, and Slowing Strike.

Battle Edit

Devilpuss' battle is considered relatively easy. Most experienced parties are able to handle a non-healing boss by Faerieland.