The Brain Tree booms, "Hmm, hoom, yes... Much as I enjoy the eternal sun--after all, it's what I eat!--my branches are starting to wither under the perpetual sunlight. Not to mention the fact that it's getting rather hot. So, you must free Balthazar from his curse, and find out why he caused the sun to stay up." The Brain Tree laughs. "Yes! Already I know what has happened, though I am immobile."

—Conversation with the Brain Tree, Happy Non-Haunted Fun House

Brain Tree
The Brain Tree is a character from NeoQuest II. He resides with his aid, Augur Faunt, behind the Happy Non-Haunted Fun House in the Haunted Woods. He gives Rohane and the party the key word to defeat the Four Faeries to release Balthazar from his imprisonment.