You say, "Count von Roo says he saw you casting a spell along with Spider Grundo and Hubrid Nox to keep the sun up."

Balthazar shouts, "WHAT!! That lying little vampire! How dare he say that about me! I'm a lone wolf--almost literally! Why, when I get my hands on him..."

You say, "Spider Grundo was under a curse, like you. Without the faeries, though."

Balthazar's eyes narrow, "He was? Hmm, that's... strange. Maybe von Roo is telling the truth. But I sure know I wasn't doing any spell, at least not on purpose. Someone else must be behind this..."

—Conversation with Balthazar, Balthazar's Grove

Balthazar is a character from NeoQuest II. He can be spoken to after defeating his captor, the Four Faeries. Like Count von Roo before him, Balthazar was being held captive, and is the second of the trio that von Roo cites as having cast the spell keeping the sun in the sky. Like Spider Grundo, Balthazar was under a spell that prevented him from recalling what he was doing at the time. It can be assumed the Four Faeries took advantage of his mesmerized state to brainwash him and transform his grove. When the Faeries are defeated, Balthazar and his grove return to normal, and he suggests to Rohane and the others to confront Hubrid Nox.